VCV Rack and Big Sur on M1 Mac Mini

Hello I am having problems with getting VCV Rack working with Logic Pro v6.1. I have d/l the rack v1.6 and also v.6, (in order to get the bridge): v.6 is not installed. VCV Rack folder appears in the Application folder of the OS, but the bridge doesn’t. Neither show at all in Logic Pro.

Could one of the more knowledgeable members advise me where I am going wrong. I have been a Windows user for years, but now that I am getting back into music, I changed to a Mac machine for it seems to be a better option. I have probably taken a step too far what with a new OS and a brand new processor configuration. Thank you


have you placed the Bridge vst in the vst folder? computer/harddrive/library/audio/plug-ins/vst

i’m not sure if Logic can work with VST’s?

Bridge works fine on Mac Mini M1 i am using it.

Pretty sure Logic does not support VSTs, only Audio Units.

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Hi Steve and Eurikon, thank you for your replies. I have managed to get it working although it is not at all clear how to install it especially to a newbie to the Mac OS

The bridge which was deprecated some time ago, is available in the .06C version of VCV and is included in the Mac. It included both a vst and a component version.

Still a lot of learning to do, and thanks again

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good job :+1:t4: :slight_smile:

have fun!