VCV Rack 2

Apologies if already answered…When can we pre-order?

Starts at 19m46s, a long haired Andrew shows off Rack v2 at Knobcon.

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Hi Andrew,

is the beta phase of VCV-Rack 2 starting in November or is this the release date?


lol, didnt figured out he was @Vortico :sweat_smile:

I feared the V2 saga may have taken its toll on Andrew - but instead he looks about 10 years younger!


I wouldn’t add any bypass routes for this. If the module isn’t an “effect” in a signal chain, the user likely wants to mute/unmute the output with the bypass menu item or key command.

I’m not sure I understand the question. You can use up to 8/8 inputs/outputs with VCV Host-XL today in Rack 1.

We won’t be offering pre-orders for Rack 2 Studio Edition. It will be for sale when the product is available.


I think the question is, when you use Rack as a VST will it have more than one stereo audio input? What most plugins would present as side-chain inputs. Or is the plugin version a VST Instrument rather than an Effect?

Are there any differences in buying modules between community and studio version?

Rack Studio Edition comes with an instrument and effect VST2 plugin, both with 16/16 audio inputs/outputs and MIDI input/output.


After the inevitable bug fixes after release, what will your top priorities be for v2.1?

Great that its 16 in/out rather than 8!

And there’s nothing to prevent one having a second audio module connecting to an ES/8 or 9 device in the plugin to carry signals in from / out to hardware right? (as well as having the 16 in/out going to/from the DAW in the first audio module)

I know V2 supports multiple audio modules - just want to confirm that holds true when it is running as a VST plugin.

I can use multiple Audio-8 simultaneously already, like one outputting to my speakers, one to my computer monitor out (it has audio outs/in), though I usually only use one with my speakers. I tried it once to see if I could get multiple outs from my PC. Someday I’ll try something quadraphonicky

You’re lucky if multiple audible modules is working. For many people it hasn’t.

The VCV Rack manual says

"Note: Using multiple Audio modules is experimental and may crash Rack or render unstable audio. "


Ah I see, yeah I haven’t tried it long enough to comment on usability

Dang! Let the man chill for a bit.

Congratulations! I’ve been getting back to guitar but was feeling a bit depressed for other reasons and wistfully looking at my rack gear and missing the sometimes strange clarity of the feeling of making electronic music. This will be a great excuse to transition back to it in November.

As others have said, I can’t wait to hand over some money for this to express my appreciation and support.

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I’m trying to get a sense of when VCV2 Studio Edition might get AU support, which is when I’ll be able to transition to it (my main DAW is Logic). I’m rebuilding my composing template so the timing is relevant for me.

Not sure there is an answer to that yet other than “it’s on the feature request list”.

In the meantime you could look into adapters that host VST plugins within an AU plugin like Blue Cat Audio Patchwork