VCV rack 2 vst

Question about the vcv rack vst midi in capabilities Will the vst plugin be able to receive midi data on mutliple midi channels at the same time ? Or would it require multiple vcv rack instances Plan is to run to the vcv rack in host and sequence it by cirklon


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I had the exact same question. (Not an answer, sorry)

I assume that loading multiple instances of midi to cv modules in the VST plugin, would allow for multi-timbral use.

So the answer here is the same as in the general VCV Rack 2.0 discussion, which was answered previously:

Thanks @Eurikon

I have an issue related to this, I recently installed vcv 2 but for some reason it’s not reading any of the plugins I’ve subscribed to, my guess it’s looking for a certain type of folder name but it’s probably something else.

mate I’ve been busy doing other things in my life, I didn’t even know they’d made v2 until this week.

Once again, not helpful.


The VCV Rack 2 beta does not yet connect to the library and most likely won’t until V2 is officially released. Most developers are currently in the process of updating their plugins to v2 so it would not make any sense to have the library active for v2 yet.

If you want to install 3rd party plugins in v2 then you will need to keep an eye on the developers threads here, particularly the “plugins built for v2” thread and then download binaries (if the dev has made them available) from GitHub and install them manually or build them yourself from GitHub source code, bearing in mind that most of them are currently a work in progress.

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