VCV Rack 2 teaser

I think I don’t need them, got plenty from Hora etc, but bought them in a way to thank Andrew for soldiering on.

One feature I would like would be an ‘explode’ option where you can convert the full drum machine into modules with the same settings and connections, probably inserted into a fresh rack rail.

My rationale is sometimes you just want to get started with something quickly to get a beat going, but later realise you need to sidechain the kick or stick an effect on the snare etc.

I don’t know if the VCV code supports modules having the power to insert new cabinets, but if anyone does or can subvert the existing code I guess it would be VCV/Andrew ;).


The Stoermelder Strip module might be interesting for your workflow.

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congratulations to vortico, the module developers and the community.

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I bought them and first impressions are I like the individual modules a lot - can’t see myself ever using the combined drum machine though as I’ll inevitably want to put some reverb/delay/saturation or whatever on individual drums.

The combined Drumkit could also be used for purposes where individual control is not needed, ie. destructive fx mangling of a drumloop. :slight_smile:



Great news on V2… all looking very good and can’t wait to try it out!

I know it’s been a while but please can you let us know what if any of this previous info you posted back in April 2020 still holds true? (other than the name which we know has changed). In particular, will developers of open-source and commercial plugins still be granted beta builds and licenses? Thanks.


Oh yes! Congratulations Andrew and VCV!

Does anyone know if this will work in Logic Pro X? I know it uses AU but i think it supports VST2. Looked around and could not find anything on this.


great work, exciting times…

@Vortico - Will it include universal binary support with native Apple Silicon? (for both rack and plugins)


Pretty sure Logic doesn’t support VST, only AU. So it won’t work initially as the launch will only include a VST2 plugin. AU is coming later though I believe.

Will the VST need iLok?

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You can unlock it with money!

HOORAY! i’m stoked for this

I agree with what some others have posted, was looking forward to the VST plugin support, not expecting the gorgeous GUI enhancements, wowzers!!! OK, quick question, you said $99 ($149 after release sale). So what is the time frame in which to snag the $99 sale?

ohgod. I hadn’t even considered that as a possibility. I really hope that’s not the case. If it is, I will legitimately pay for it then wait for R2R to crack it before using it


You definitely can use VSTs with Logic Pro

This looks amazing! Thank you so much for all of the hard work you’ve put into this!

That looks great. Thank you for the effort you have made. :+1: :+1:

I already know my birthday and official pensioner gift … Hooray :sunglasses:

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I actually doubt @Vortico would consider something like iLOK for copy protection. Also it doesn’t really make sense to just copy protect the VST with that method while the standalone app uses something different. If there’s a viable open source option for non intrusive protection then I am confident that’s what will be used. I just hope it doesn’t require the machine to be connected to the internet all the time. That would be problematic for live performances and other cases.

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Only with an adapter. Logic Pro X only natively supports Audio Units.

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