VCV Rack 2 teaser

the new UI is great, it’s fantastic to have dimmable lights and leds :beers:

IF adding HDR10 (on Windows) is easy, please do it :slight_smile: GLFW issue

from what I understand my laptop’s 8 bit

The cable redesign is proper

Where is the appropriate place to make change requests now?

I really don’t like the new cable behaviour when duplicating modules and would dearly love to have an option to disable that feature.


Bug reports and feature requests are welcome by contacting VCV support .

Rack development blog - #70 by Vortico

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Use Ctrl-Shift-D to duplicate without cables.


I guess most monitors are - I use a 55" 4K HDR TV. some Macs have HDR since 2018 I think (Play HDR video on Mac - Apple Support) - HDR10 has been around since 2015.

Linux/wayland is working on it.

I’m guessing the percentage of users with HDR determines the effort the developers put into making use of it. A standard 8 bit RGB windows program looks pale on HDR.

Eizo explains

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Ah, thanks.

I would have thought it would be done the other way around so that the behaviour everybody is used to doesn’t change but OK.



I think the general consensus is that the arrow-head patch cables are not well loved. I do see why they’re being used - you can actually see stacked cables.

Does this mean that you would also be able to pull out a single cable that is “buried” under others in the same jack?

Just tried doing that in a ‘best case’ scenario where one cable is going off to the left and another to the right.

Unfortunately the answer is no.Hovering over the visible arrow-head of a buried cable does not select that cable.

One could always click on cable’s other end one wants to unplug to make it move to top of stack. Worked since at least version 0.5.2


This exactly, has always been the way to unplug buried cables :+1:t3:

It might be nice if there was a way (keyboard or mouse action) to rotate the stack order of those cables without seeking the other end which might be off screen. Similar with recoloring of cables.


Nice idea!

It moves in the stack? I didn’t know that!

It’s not in the manual, as far as I can see. For v1, that is.

Take your time, brother! Some of us are actually patient. :wink: