VCV Rack 2 just won't open

So since I updated to version 2, it just wont open… re downloaded etc and no joy. Anyone else ?

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Hello @user670, and welcome to the forums!

Happy to help but need to know a little more about your situation to get started.

Starter questions: Win/Mac/Linux? Which version of Win/Mac/Linux? What do you see at the end of the log.txt file in your user folder? And do you have ASIO4ALL or JACK installed? (There have been some incompatibilities reported with those tools).

Hi, I’m using windows 10 i Think, running ASIO4ALL but usually i have WASAPI running when using VCV Rack to output it to my desk. I cant see any log.txt fiule to be honest! It opened a short while ago but now is doing the same thing and not opening again

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Huh… Regarding the log file, take a look in C:\Users\[you]\Documents\Rack2\; it should be there.

Try (temporarily) uninstalling ASIO4ALL and see if that fixes it; some reports suggest that having it installed is enough to cause a crash, whether or not you’re using it in Rack2.

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I have something similar, i believe … (errorcode 0142 on startup). I had a beta installed previously, that is most probably the cause here, but dunno … The beta can be re-installed and runs, but won’t show libs other than fundamental … Anyone a clue or a tool to clean my Win10 registry? So I can Start with a clean slate?

@ user670

Does it start miminized ?

Then try the “hold windows-key and press D several times” trick.

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You need to have removed all traces of the beta before installing the release version. That includes files in the user folder, especially the plugins.

Yup Paul, agree … but forgot all about it in the exitement, did it later but there must be some leftovers …

Thank you for posting the Press D trick, this just saved me from a great confusion

Thank you all for the help I will now try and solve it :slight_smile:

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I had this issue as well on one of my laptops. Almost gave up then after seeing this post tried a few things. Uninstalled ASIO4All and the issue persisted. Uninstalled Jack and now VCV works on this laptop. Thanks!