VCV RACK 2 crushing Reason 12 .mac

Anybody experiencing crush of RACK 2 on launch of Reason 12.2.2 Mac Catalina ?

I am using Reason 11 on Mac. It opens up and after a few seconds I get the spinning wheel and I have to restart Reason. Quite frustrating…

try this:

close all applications (Reason / VCV )

browse to: documents/rack2

delete: patch.json in autosave folder,

delete: template.vcv (or if it is your custom template, move it to the desktop for backup)

Then start Reason again.

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Yeah, the dance of death between the two (VST and standalone). Been doing that routine a few too many times for my taste

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I expect this to pass soon as more and more plugins are getting some quirks in the code ironed out.

For example i could make the DAW host crash at start up with only MSM Delay loaded in a template, MSM delay has been fixed yesterday, so that module is “behaving now”.

Hopefully other modules will follow soon. Also make sure that you are running the latest VCV Rack. (i think you are Fractalgee).

yes, latest of everything is the aim here ;). I just use the VST instance very differently from the standalone one,. Hence my reference to dance of death. I want them separate, not wed by the bellybutton (same settings/log/autosave/template/etc.) So the VST is the effects Rack in the DAW and the standalone for me is the playground/design stage. Maybe I use them differently than most but that to me is the logical way.

Yes i certainly do vote for template management system, i don’t like at all that the VST opens with my custom standalone template!

And shares some of the settings of the standalone, for example the VST is always zoomed in and strangely centered. But i supose it be better to send feature suggestions about this, then to sum it up here :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! I just solved the very same issue. Also, I have removed the template that is shipped with the problem by overwriting it with a blank one. Thanks!!!

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Already logged, no worries :wink:


sorted crush on launch . it was because i used beta before . just had to delete vcv rack folder inside documents folder wich was causing crush.


BTW, for me it highlights maybe the biggest weakness of Rack as a program: That the loaded plugins can take down the whole program just like that, seemingly with no protections against it, and it doesn’t even take a lot. Happens A LOT and I’m suprised Andrew isn’t fed up with it by now. It’s not very… robust.

Most DAWs, in fact most programs in general, run in such a way that a plugin crash takes down the program. Some have some “sandboxing” so they can run individual plugins in a separate process. but that tech is complex and reduces performance, and I think it would be really terrible with rack.

This highlights for me the biggest weakness or rack as an ecosystem. Many of the plugins are terrible, one way or another.