VCV Rack 2.2.3 installer - Avast Antivirus quarantined my download

I am recieving this message when I try to download Rack Pro (or free) v2.2.3).

Avast Antivirus Web Shield is also blocking access to the VCV Rack main webpage. I had to turn WebShield off just to get to the forums, changelogs, download page, etc.

Would love to hear something official from VCV Staff as to what the actual {bleep} this is all about.

We (the vcv discord followers) got this answer earlier:


Virustotal says “clean”. (not that it really matters)

No need to start threads like this EVERY TIME there’s a new release.

I say, save the money VCV.


I’ll say it again, even though no one likes to hear it: Don’t use third-party anti-virus programs on your computer. They create more problems than they solve and are often useless pieces of crap. Instead, only use the Windows Defender built into Windows, which is turned on automatically for you. It’s plenty good and creates the least amount of problems for you.

Oops, this was supposed to be in reply to the OP, not you Jens, sorry.


Agreed, In my 40 years experience - some of them with sophos antivirus, bullguard, norton, symantec, checkpoint etc. and windows defender since it started – this is the way… (ok, I don’t think the ZX81 had viruses - but that’s even less reason why you would run a third-party AV program :))

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The ZX81 had no built in permanent writeable storage. So a virus would need some pretty hardcore social engineering to persuade you to put your favourite game tape in the tape-deck and press record.

(I miss my ZX81) (but I don’t miss it’s keyboard)


Build one ?


On my rig, no virus detected (both Free and Pro 2.2.3 exe installers).

Kaspersky Anti Virus. Windows 10.

I got the same thing with AVG antivirus, this is the first time it was blocking a download, though. It told me “URL Blacklist” - so the download address itself seems suspicious to it this time - maybe the SSL certificate ran out or something? Don’t matter too much, could download it when I switched it off.

Yes virus scanners work best when they’re switched off. :sunglasses: