VCV Rack 1.1.6 crashes upon startup. Please help!

Hey all, I’m having a problem where when I try to open this program, it crashes instantly, before I can do anything. There are some topics that have been similar to mine, but not my exact issue. I’m on Windows 7. I’ve tried older versions of the program and they wouldn’t even download. I’m willing to provide more info if needed but bear in mind that I know next to nothing about how computers work and you’ll need to be very specific with what you’re asking of me. Whoops.

I need to use this program for a class, so I would really appreciate help.

I think this matter had already being discussed on this forum…try a little search first and tell us exactly what’s happenned…

Like I said, there have been similar crash errors but nothing the exact same as mine. They mostly were for different computer systems, or talked about bad audio machinery, which I don’t think is my problem, considering I don’t own any external equipment and have never heard of the terms before.

What I said in my original post is all that’s happened. I downloaded the program, and it crashes immediately upon opening. That’s all I know.

Welcome! As a first step, could you find out if your hardware satisfies the requirements + check that you’re running updated drivers for your graphic card? Please see

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