VCV Rack 1.1.1 Plugin Updates Flagged As Ransomeware By Acronis

I’m using Rack v1.1.1 … when I updated my plugins today Acronis True Image Active Protection flagged them as ransomeware.

Just an FYI

Obviously false positive?

Same here. I ignored it

So, is there any way to be sure?

Upload the file to VirusTotal, which will analyse it using all the popular virus scanners.

If only one or two flag it up then you probably have a false positive, but if a majority flag it then it probably is malware.

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:rofl: wait so what do we blow up ?

I get very paranoid about this stuff so I just installed MalwareBytes and did a scan. Nothing came up. I’m still a bit paranoid about whatever it was that happened with the new RJmodules, ie. they came up as a new listing last night and are now removed. I’m having unhelpful thoughts about that. The perils of a vivid imagination I guess.

Dont be scared…:wink:

This had to do with the wrong Slug :

Link looks weird don’t know why…

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Yeah, I looked that up. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I honestly appreciate it.

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