VCV Rack 0.6.2c Performance on Linux

Hi there!

Is there any multi core support in this version for linux? Currently my Ryzen 2700x has not so much to do and VCV Rack is running out of performance. I can also see that not one core is fully under load.


I’m using the alternate version from on Linux (Manjaro), and it’s working nicely so far.

Thanks, this looks great! I already have found this in another thread but unfortunately with my little Linux knowledge I can’t compile this from github. Perhaps someone can help me out with installing this for Linux Mint.

Go to, download the Linux version, unzip it wherever you prefer, then go into the directory and double-click Rack or open a terminal window in that directory and type “./Rack”

Fantastic! This was easy. Setting to 8 threads for the 8 cores of 2700x gave me additionally 400 mS.