VCV Poly: ideas for a new standard polyphonic utilities plugin

(Jonathan Moore1) #42

Nuff said.

(Andrew Belt) #43

I thought of another way to describe the goal of VCV Poly. The plugin will allow interaction between the mono world and the poly world.

If you have mono modules/cables/ports and only want to interact with other mono modules/cables/ports, simply use Rack as you’ve always used it.

If you have poly modules/cables/ports and only want to interact with other poly modules/cables/ports, just use all poly-supporting modules. You won’t need a single module from VCV Poly. Modules that support poly cables should usually have only poly inputs and poly outputs.

But if you have a poly voice for example and want to hear the result in each of the L and R mono inputs of Core AUDIO, you’ll need some way to convert the poly signals to mono. In this case, you’re making the poly world interact with the mono world, so you’d want VCV Poly Mix.

(Andrew Belt) #44

Sneak peek

(Lars Bjerregaard) #45

That looks fantastic Andrew! Love the visual design and in my book the proportions are damn near perfect. Is that Wes’ work?

(Andrew Belt) #46

Yes, all VCV panels and components are designed by @sempervirent.

(Andrew Belt) #47

Source is available at

(Adam) #48

Poly modules look and work great in Fundamental v1 branch! @Vortico are you planning on creating any more of the suggested modules from this thread?

(Andrew Belt) #49

So far only one module (Rotator) has been recommended that satisfy the requirements of VCV Poly. We dropped that idea because we were unable to think of use cases, and designing a module with no use cases results in horribly designed software.