VCV Notes : Character set compatibility


I would like to insert comments in my patches but in French we use accented characters and they not seem to be compatible with the VCV Notes module. Is there any way to make the module UTF-16 compliant?

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It would be cool to have a solution for this (i’m french too) although i take all my notes in english haha :smile:
In the meanwhile, i would advise you to try to write short sentences and descriptions like :

  • voix 1 : Even vco vers Filtre Stairway vers Reverbe Plateau

Maybe that way you can avoid some accents (synth words in french don’t have many… your biggest source of accent will be verbs in participe passé) :wink:

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Oui en effet je pourrais me passer des caracteres accentues mais j’ai du mal a comprendre qu’en 2019 l’integration de l’Unicode ne soit pas encore la regle.

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Je suis d’accord avec toi :slight_smile:

It’s okay for french, but some languages rely heavily on Accents
Best example would be Vietnamese ( it’s written in latin alphabet, but more than 5 accents per letter exist, like a,á,ạ,à,ả,ã,ă,ắ,ặ,ằ,ẳ,ẵ,â,ấ,ậ,ầ,ẩ,ẫ )

If a dev comes by and knows of a solution/workaround, it could open the use of notes to more people :wink:

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and know that for official feature requests and bug reports, github is the only correct place

Yes , I know that but I wanted to ask first whether there might be any kind of possible action before going to GitHub.

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iirc the special characters are not yet available, it has to do with the ASCII version.

There was an issue opened for this already and has been closed so perhaps ping Andrew with the request in the closed issue. @AndrewBelt

I’ve tried with Rack 2.x and the situation had not evolved. Too bad. :frowning_face:

UTF-16 is an abomination, UTF-8 is what all the cool kids use now.

The issue is much larger, however, than “just” taking care to use utf correctly. You need to use a font that supports enough code points (including hopefully Japanese, Korean, Chinese). And there are other issues with making a working UTF text editors. Many others.