vcv midi to gate changing notes

Hi, I’d like to change the notes in the Vcv midi to gate module and I can’t. I can click on a note, taping on my keyboard and having some new notes(A1 B1…) but not the note I want. I tried to add a G#3 and it’s impossible. Someone could help please ?

Thank you

Don’t use the shift key to add a capital G or it won’t accept the input.

Use a lowercase g and it should work

A bit counter-intuitive I know!

Thanks, I’ll try it. And let you know.

Hi Steve and everyone,

with the key board I can set basic note (A-1, B-1 … to F-1) taping A, B,…F. Then I discover that taping on number pad I can set octave (A1, A2, A3…) for every notes. It’s a great step. And then taping (Alt Gr / #) sets the # for notes.

As you say a bit counter intuitive. And there is nothing about that in the user manual (which is more a description than a manual)

I hope this could help other beginners like me.

You can also click the MIDI>Gate rectangle you want to change - and then press the note on your MIDI-keyboard you want to assign to that gate.

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Ah cool. Thank you. For the moment I don’t have midi keyboard but it’s good to know.