VCV LIVE streaming - jaynothin

(jaynothin) #1

Not sure if this is the right place to post that I am streaming live.

You can listen at:

I’m starting the stream playing an old patch, but I may also try something from scratch after the “performance” or whatever you wanna call it.

See you there.


(jaynothin) #2

I’ve been streaming for 4 hours+ now.

Forgot to mention it here and in other places too I’m so bad with this sorta “promoting” thing, it’s pathetic. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, all are welcome.

I was feeling “saturday” ambient this morning, so it’s on the relaxing side of music. I hope you like it.


There’s got to be a better way of knowing when other people in the community are streaming. Like a portal on the front page of the vcvrack site? I suppose that wouldn’t work for people who only stream VCV occasionally but for Jay and myself, who only stream VCV, it would be okay.

(jaynothin) #4

We should have the ability to remove the post once we are not LIVE anymore, or it sure can get a little confusing if there is dozens of past “I’m LIVE” post. ( If there is already a way to remove post, I simply haven’t figured it out yet. :wink: )

(jaynothin) #5

Ok I just found the delete thing, problem solved. Ability learned. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Omri Cohen) #6

Cool to see you here Jay! I hope to catch the next live stream :slight_smile:

(Norbert Denninger) #7

I can put the dates in News of the Rack, just tell me until sunday noon

(jaynothin) #8

Not sure what you mean exactly?

(Norbert Denninger) #9

ok, News of the Rack is a weekly pdf Newspaper about all important things concerning VCV-Rack which happend the past week and if I have dates of coming things I can announce them, I begin working on a new issues every sunday at noon and it will be finished and uploades here, in the facebook group and on github about midnight

(jaynothin) #10

Oh, I didn’t know that. Well, I don’t have dates really. I only stream randomly, on twitch. Often, but randomly if I am not busy.

I announce it 40-50% of the time, and if anyone catches it I’m more than happy like that. This is bad behavior in the world of “scheduled media” I know, I know. I’m sorta “devoided” of ambitions, if I may say it that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I guess I might not fit in a “weekly” newspaper, sorry about that.

The thing of it is, I play VCV whenever I feel the need, (happens a lot :wink: ), and I just happened to stream it all along. Why not right?? :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get more “disciplined”, or if you will, looking for more “structures” in my very own chaos of mine, but in this field I’m a slow learner, very slow. :smiley:

(Norbert Denninger) #11

ok, I see, maybe I can mention your channel and tell the folks to look there occasionally :metal::sunglasses:

(jaynothin) #12

Oh that would be very nice of you. Thanks a lot. :+1:

So where can I find this News Of The Rack?

(Norbert Denninger) #13

No problem, it’s a pleasure. I post it here and in the facebook group and all past issues are also in my github repository

(jaynothin) #14

Ok I will def check it out here, cus I don’t have a facebook. Cheers

(jaynothin) #15

LIVE now! Ambient Sunday.

(jaynothin) #17

Bliffton1, (mscHack), asked me to restream a patch so he could hear it LIVE. So I did a 24 min+ stream of Frost, (name of the patch). I am quite happy with the result except for 2-3 audio gltiches. It would seem that I can’t escape the glitch curse, but at least I have it under control (yeah right).

If you like oldies, 80’s, ambient, music film like Blade Runner, Antarctica or dare I say “Vangelish” type of music, you might like this piece.

No generative processes or techniques were harmed in the making of this patch :stuck_out_tongue: unless a good dose of Bernoulli gates is considered “generative”.

Anyway enough rambling about, here’s the 24 min long result: