VCV Host: more ins and outs?

Hi there!

I would like to make a request please:
Could we get more inputs and outputs for the VCV Host plugin?
The nicest solution I can think of would be if the modulation slots could be turned into audio ins and outs, this would be really great for using plugins with multiple outputs (like drum machines) and it would especially be super nice for integrating Reaktor-Ensembles (where you could then use modulation at audio rate to the full extent), it would also be nice for effects with sidechain inputs.
Would this be something you might want to add, Andrew? @Vortico

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I guess that it’s better to post feature requests here -
That way, the people who need to see it will really see it :slight_smile:

@Omri_Cohen Actually that GitHub link is for Rack feature requests. Host is not Rack. I’ll reopen.

I was actually going to work on Host-XL today or tomorrow, so maybe you’ll see this soon.


That’s great!
Would it be possible to keep it in the same size and format and dynamically change modulation inputs to audio inputs or audio outputs? This way it wouldn’t have to be bigger to support more audio connections… If that’s not possible or too complicated because of the structure of Rack, maybe a small expander with additional ins and outs to the side of the module could open up.
I’m sure you already have some ideas about it, just throwing in my thoughts here…

Is there any info about this, or not much to share yet?