VCV Host: FX plug in limit?

Some vst plug ins which i have used previously are no longer showing in my Host FX menu. I suspect that i have crossed a limit in terms of number of plug ins since installing the Air Windows suite. I can see the specific plug ins if i point Host FX directly to the sub folder.

Does anyone have any info on this? I suspect I need to clean out my folders anyway.

I read the changelog the other day and noticed there’s a limit of 2 folders deep, or something like that. Maybe that’s your issue?

Yep, that’s my problem.

That’s a real shame for me. My plug in folders are about the most organised thing about me!

Does anyone else find this awkward? Even one extra layer would solve my problem.Or different paths for Host vs Host FX.

I understand your problem. You can add extra directories to go deeper than 2 subdirectories but it’s kind of cumbersome. And I also get why you’d like different directories for Host and Host FX

If I’m correct @Richie has been involved in Host development. Maybe you could contact him? I can’t do much for you, I’m just a user :slight_smile:

Thanks @jsmonzani

I have added multiple folders to Host, which solves my problem.

@Richie - can you share with us why the decision to limit to 2 sub folders?

Because scanning more directories is slow for many users.
As a workaround, add plugin directories to the second-level directories in your root plugin directory.

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@hardyfinn I wonder would setting up a symbolic link be a work around?

Windows 7 here

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I was going to mail the support for this. Because the search doesn’t go deeper than 2 levels, right? I’ve added my sub folders, so the search is working now. Made a video about my issue:

There is also no hint on the manual: image

Maybe this can be added or the limit be raised?