VCV Host: Clock for FX in the Time Domain

Wondering how the clock works for VST effects in the time domain. Say I add some random delay VST that has ms and beat syncing options. Moving from a DAW the beat sync option would (i guess) go along with the clock from the DAW (or maybe it just operates off the start signal from the transport?).

How would we go about making sure our time-based effects are in time when using VCV Rack Host-FX?

I believe that any clockable VSTs are currently normalised to 120 BPM.

I think you will need to calculate VCV modules timing relative to that and trigger appropriately (with latency possibly an issue).

You can plug your clock into Host - right-click on one of the parameter displays and select one of the Clock options from the menu:

(Nik: the initial release of Host had the clock fixed at 120 BPM, but it’s controllable in the current version.)

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Richie: Yep, my bad !

thank you! this makes me so happy right now lol