VCV hangs when trying to add new modules

When i try to add a module on my notebook VCV hangs:

I can add a module after waiting for a long time (>60sec.). Sound is still playing without hiccups.
Do you have any idea what i can do to stop this behaviour?

it would probably help if it wouldn’t have to load and render the faceplates of 1200 modules…

not sure where the bottleneck is, but a faster disk would help with file access, and a better graphics card would help with rendering. not sure if this can be improved with a lower framerate.

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I had a look at the resource monitor and i can’t see any problems there. Disk i/o, graphics, cpu and memory are all okay.

Edit: Allthough the resource monitor didn’t show any problems, i moved my documents folder to the ssd and voilá!

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Do you have 24gb of ram? You could check the ram. Windows 10 is very sensitive to ram problems.

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Yes, that is correct. But after moving my Documents folder to the One of the SSDs everything runs fluid.