VCV hangs up with in and out audio-8 modules. Need help please.

Hello I have a big problem. I have parameterized in VCV an AUDIO-8 module as input from my DAW Reaper with ReaRoute and ASIO. With this I can transfer audio signals from Reaper to VCV. But how can I bring the audio signals from VCV at the output to my TASCAM USB audio interface? As soon as I add another AUDIO-8 module to my rack, the first audio module hangs and does not receive any data. How does it work with 2 different audio modules, one for the input and one for the output of audio signals?

vcv v1 only supports one audio interface. fixed in v2. When will that help you? it is a mystery :frowning:

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In the meantime, I have found a way. The trick was to route the signal via the same AUDIO-8 back to the DAW and only from there send it on a new track to the USB audio interface.

Apparently you must never drag 2 audio interfaces even on different channels into the VCV, because then the whole system hangs and the PC must be restarted.

Yes, never cross the streams :slight_smile:

Although saying that I’ve seen some people show patches with more than one Audio-8/16 module so maybe it’s an OS dependent thing? All I know is my Windows PC does not like it one bit.

I believe it does depend on the audio driver.

It’s hit and miss, better on some OS’s but will crash often or sometimes, so… not really workable. V2 is coming… any day now :slight_smile: