vcv graphic issue


I am experiencing a graphic issue with VCV. I did a super quick video (explaining with words is not my best):

Basically, when I zoom in or zoom out, I can clearly see the resizing of the interface. Is there any reason why this is happening? I tried to navigate the setting but, beside the refresh rate (that it is a 120 Hz), I could not see anything that could help me. I checked online and all the video I could see on VCV do not have this resizing.

I am on Windows and my laptop it is quite powerful (Ryzen R9 4900 / 32GB RAM / GeForce 2060). I thought it might be a GPU problem but even if I force VCV to use the GeForce, I still have the issue.

Any advice?


This is by design and caused by updating framebuffers lazily after a change of zoom level.
Maybe Rack v2 will bring improvements.

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Ah… I didn’t see that on youtube… my bad than, but glad it is not on me.

Thanks for the clarification!