VCV gift cards?

If VCV offered gift cards, would you buy them (for yourself or friends)? We could offer them at music stores to be redeemed at


  • I’d buy one!
  • Stop wasting time and release Rack v2 already.

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Stop wasting time and release Rack v2 already.



If I were introducing a friend to VCV, I’d stress they don’t need to pay anything to get a complete experience - a gift card sends the opposite message. And all my friends who already use VCV are living in other countries, so the logistics of a physical card wouldn’t be worth bothering with.

OTOH, being able to make some paid modules appear on someone’s account if I know their @ sounds more useful, but I have no clue if the effort to support online gifting makes sense sales-wise.


this idea I really like, personally. module developers have the ability to do that for modules that they sell, but it would be awesome to allow others to buy paid modules for others. perhaps after 2.0 is released.


Wow that’s mad, I was just thinking about requesting this the other day. Smaller voucher amounts or similar discount codes also would be nice. As jerry put it to allow the ability to buy paid modules for others. A generated gift card for x amount would do just that!


Useful after VCV for DAW comes out. You drop Malekko with VCV for DAW, then I think those gift cards are gunna come in real handy

yes. it would solve a particular problem i have gifting to friends. just make the denominations a common amount for packs or for any amount to cover stuff like exchange rates. id hate to gift something only for the recipient to come up a few cents short.

Would be just as bad gifting something and having change :laughing:

I’d rather pre-order v2 with an expected launch date. The rest is just a money-grab.

”Would be just as bad gifting something and having change :laughing:

well at least the receiver gets to use their gift. in my situation if they were a few cents short they wouldn’t have that chance.

maybe use a credits system like $5 = 500 vcv credits which can be redeemed for modules/whatever to avoid currency mismatches due to exchange rate and market fluctuations

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Consider yourself pre-ordered!! VCV Rack v2 is free.


I would choose both options

I would be happy to receive one of those

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Is this something you’re still considering, Andrew? I think a virtual gift card would be really great.

This would be amazing also for giveaways and such…