vcv free not updating my old plugins list and crashes

ive just installed the new vcv free, but its not updating all of my subscribed plugins. what to do and it crashes when i open my old projects

Crashes even if you open old projects with only Foundamental?

I ask this because it may crash due to outdated plugins.

But I don’t know how to help you in the update, from version 2.0 to version 2.0.2 I had no problems. I have not installed version 2.0.3 yet because I have read so many problems on the forum, so I am waiting for the next versions before updating.

*Now that I think about it, you can try installing plugins manually, downloading them from the various developers github links and placing them in the right folder. But if you have to do it for the whole library it becomes a hell of a job, maybe just try some of your favorite plugins.

I have recently started using rack2free. I am trying to load a patch that has some missing modules. I can’t find them in the ‘Library’, only in the ‘Plugins’. When I subscribe, or even if I add the modules 1 at a time - rack2 isn’t seeing them. I don’t get a red dot, or a prompt to update my Library. It says it’s ‘up to date’.

If I choose something from the ‘Library’ (NOT ‘Plugins’), then it all works. When I restart Rack I get the red dot and can update the Library. It just seems to be an issue when I try to add things from the ‘Plugins’.

I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions??

You should be able to add both plugins and the library. What you might be having difficulty with is that some plugins have not been updated for VCV 2 yet. You can tell if the version of the plugin or library entry starts with a 2in the right hand column of any of the entries.

Merged thread - same topic

Rack2 can’t load V1 plugins, but only plugins that have been updated to work with Rack2. The online library only shows V2 plugins in ‘Library’, but shows all versions in ‘Plugins’. Make sure that the plugins you subscribe to have a version of 2.x.x, or simply avoid subscribing in the ‘Plugins’ page.