.vcv file upload

Would be good to be able to upload .vcv files directly - this place could be a good community to share working documents and collaborate with others. they’re pretty light.

Is there a way of examining a .vcv file and seeing which plugins it references too, for an easier way of listing plugins needed? if not it’s no big deal to write it out anyway, i’m curious.

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Okay, added .vcv and .vcvm. Also .zip for plugins.

You can write a script to read a .vcv file and collect the "plugin" values in each of the "module"s. Integrating into Discourse is another story.


please add rendering of the VCV files :smiley: @Vortico !

What do you mean?

I was joking: was someone else idea. Render visually a vcv file using css and html and JS :slight_smile:

That one was me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did anyone tried something similar? I suppose there should be at least a repo or image bank with screenshots for all modules for that.