VCV/ES-3 playing nice with Hz/V (Behringer K-2)?

So i just ordered a pre-owned Behringer K-2 (The Korg MS-20 clone) - it’s in the mail.

I have an Expert Sleepers ES-3 - but have so far only used it for V/oct and general uncalibrated CV out. The Behringer K-2 takes Hz/V on it’s two VCO CV inputs (0-8V).

The voltages are linked by the formula V_{hz}=2^{V_{oct}-1}, which can also be written { V_{oct}=ln_{2}(V_{hz})+1} (source wikipedia)

Do I just put my vcv v/oct in the Expert Sleepers Calibrator - and get exponential Hz/V out ? or will it only work with linear conversion ?

Will Thunator ?

Or do I just run the K-2 through midi, because Hz/V, and forget about paraphonics.

Any recommendations ?

Ooops, i had the wrong Expert Sleepers module - The “Voice Controller” knows about Hz/V.