VCV Drums -- Considerign Purchasing.

Interested in the VCV Drums set for $30. I wish there was more examples of it in use for say some techno music. I really like the roland 808 and 909 and wondering how close this set is to them. Can you shape each piece to sound close to either?

I see Omri using them in a video but he isn’t using them as drums but as a synth and the VCV Drums product video is like 1 minute long. Would be nice to be able to hear how these sound before deciding to purchase.

Did you see this one of Omri’s videos?

I think they’re perfect for techno. I haven’t used them all that much so far but they are quite flexible and sound good in the context of a track.


Yeah I just found that video and started watching it. It seems to be a different kick module as the one he is sharing doesnt have a 808 / 909 button LED thingy on it.

There’s a difference between the single modules and the combined one but the individual ones have a right click context to change that settings.

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I dig the layout of the machine module myself. It reminds me of my favorite drum/sampler REDRUM from another program. Minus the sequencer and bank. Although the I/O is hidden on the “back” (assessable by pressing tab and using wires like VCV)

For < the price of a set of midi cables… Humm ^.^

wish it could sample/save from inputs on each channel and had that built in 64 step pattern bank!

Ah man I miss REDRUM, at the time I thought it was amazing. It was the first ‘drum machine’ I ever used.

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It was the second drum machine I used, because my first was propellerheads rebirth RB-338

Can you tell where my module numbering comes from.


Hi Jennifer,

We have 8 demo patches on the YouTube playlist of VCV - Drums

Here’s one in a techno style:

And with the drum track soloed:


Thank you so much, those sound really nice! :slight_smile: Gonna pick these up!

I have a question. I notice there are purple squares on the DEC and VOL knobs of the C-HAT. They look similar to the yellow ones when I MIDI MAP knobs. What’s mapped to these? Some sort of automation?