VCV doesn't Load or Save any Files

Hi Everyone !

I didn’t have any issues with VCV like some that I’ve seen a lot, like for Downloading or Installing or Opening it, however it’s impossible for me to Save or Load neither Patches, nor Audio Files (in the Complex Simpler for example). I don’t get any error message, it just don’t happen.

I’ve tried to Download it again and re-Install it several times but it didn’t change anything.

For your Information I have VCV 1.1.6, using Windows 10 and working on VCV either directly with my computer’s audio driver or with a Presonus Audiobox USB.

Thanks in advance !

Have you tried running rack as Admin ? It’s the most common way to troubleshoot save/load problems :wink:

Im also running an Audiobox and it works well. I’ve had simillar problems before though, not with VCV, but with Studio One. It turned out to be the antivirus preventing me from reading or writing any data from the program. Try disabling any antivirus or windows defender.

For the folders that VCV Rack is using, not the best idea to globally disable antivirus softwares…

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Yes. Good point.