VCV CV-GATE : Midi Learning not working

The CV-GATE isn’t learning anything, i’ve tried it with multiple midi devices, and none worked, what could I do to try and solve it? I’m using v1.1.3.

Hi mdsva, could you explain us what you are trying to do, and where it doesn’t work ?

Once again, I am trying to get the CV-GATE to learn notes, like I would with MIDI-CC or MIDI-GATE, but while I can do it on those, I cannot get it to work the other way around

I’m testing this right now, looks like i can’t either so far

Edit: tested with a beatstep(1st gen) and a Reface CP

I’ve tested with an axiom 25, akai apc mini, m-audio fast track pro (connecting a korg x5d to it) and a korg monologue, using various cables.

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(edited the title a bit for more clarity)

Since we are already two to have the issue, it would good if more people could test this, so we can determine if there is a big enough bug to open a bug report on Github.
Maybe someone with an other OS has it working ? Or maybe someone knows of a workaround ?

I have a few friends that use VCV, i’ll see if they can test it too. The only possible workaround I see right now is editing the notes directly in the patch file, but that isn’t a great solution. Thank you for improving the title!

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Can you tell me exactly how to do that? I have little to no experience with editing vcv patches in text, so i’m not sure exactly how to input the values.

Thanks Paul, didn’t know about this Topic :slight_smile: