VCV crashing at startup after Fundamentals 1.1.0 update

Hi guys,

Anybody else getting a startup crash (on mac) after the most recent batch of plugin updates (alkins, count modula, skylights, fundamental)? Any idea what’s causing this or what I can do about it?


I had this last night (Linux), it displayed a message saying that rack had crashed and to look in the log.txt. This happened 5 or 6 times in a row and then was fine again so I don’t know what fixed it.

As I read -> delete Fundamentals
If you have KlirrFactory OverDub - get you an update.
Ohmers (if you have) should be updated already,

Good luck!

This has been reported and is being investigated:

Just posting a temporary fix. Install the latest Fundamental - and quit Rack as usual, then go to your Rack plugin folder and manually unzip, and delete the old Fundamental folder if it is still there. The issue is around signatures and unzipping. By manually doing this yourself instead of letting Rack try to do it you can open Rack and use the latest version of Fundamentals until Andrew releases a fix.


Yes! The trick with the manual unzip works here!

I had the crash message loop but after a system reboot everything was fine.( Mac Mojave )

Same here. No problems after reboot (also Mojave).

In linux, I renamed my ~/.Rack directory so that Rack would recreate a new one and it all started working again after a re-download of all my plugins, though I suspect @pgatt’s suggested fix would have been a bit more elegant.

Everything seems to work fine now, so I don’t think I had anything important in the preferences folder, though I should probably go back and knock my framerate back down from the default…

there is a new version of rack out, maybe this cures the issue

Installed latest version on Mojave and rebooted after installing .Works fine.:smile:

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