VCV crashes/freezes Computer

I still wait for the day when my computer does not completely crash when I use VCV RACK.

I’ve been waiting for months to see if this is resolved with updates but I see that it does not happen. Audio and video are frozen and I have to restart the computer the wrong way.

Any advice?

what hardware do you have? and what operating system?

does your system crash when using other resource-heavy applications?

please see the attached image.


I have founded the solution:
using a new video card all is solved; reading the performance of video i found that the problem is the memory avaiable for video in VCV (high consume).

Out of curiosity, what graphics card did you use before, and what are you using now?

Hello Andrew
I was using the incorporated video of my asus board: b85m-e

Now i have an ATI 7450 1gb and all is running.

Ah yes, Intel HD 4xxx graphics are somewhat poor for graphical applications.

Maybe a suggestion for hardware requirement . I was many months suffering with that, without use the software for more than 10 minutes.
Now, i see the light. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m using an even older CPU (3770) with HD4000 on chip graphics, and I have never had Rack freeze my computer. Dropouts and glitches, yes, but never a hard freeze. There must be more to this story.

Thanks, added.

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Hello Jon, i hope nothing more for me.
Elsewhere i will inform if ocurr.

Could be that your system memory is configured differently… typically when a gpu runs out of its own memory it can reach for a bit more from your RAM… depending on the integrator and how they’ve set things up. Might be the source of the issue.

I was in the job to see changes in the memory configuration but didn´t be possible a better situation.
Only until a new video card was installed all was a good operation.
Thanks for the comments