VCV > CC 102 and others

I’m new to VCV so I hope this is possible: I’m using Shape Master and I would like each envelope send specific CC messages such as 102, 103, etc. How can I define that? It seems that it’s limited to 1-16 (which seems to be set to 0-15, I guess)?

EDIT: Never mind. I noticed that when I click I can type in the number. I could see the - - - when I clicked, but I didn’t know what that was.

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tip: Send to loopback and use the monitor VCV Library - stoermelder MIDI-MON

“0” in the “CV>MIDI CC” module is CC number 0, don’t add/subtract 1 (last is 127). No NRPN support in VCVRack - unless in some scripting modules (ModScript).

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Thank you (sorry for the delayed reply). I don’t know what NRPN is…?

This is from the MIDI spec:

"Controller number 6 (Data Entry), in conjunction with Controller numbers 96 (Data Increment), 97 (Data Decrement), 98 (Non-Registered Parameter Number LSB), 99 (NonRegistered Parameter Number MSB), 100 (Registered Parameter Number LSB), and 101 (Registered Parameter Number MSB), extend the number of controllers available via MIDI. Parameter data is transferred by first selecting the parameter number to be edited using controllers 98 and 99 or 100 and 101, and then adjusting the data value for that parameter using controller number 6, 96, or 97. RPN and NRPN are typically used to send parameter data to a synthesizer in order to edit sound patches or other data. Registered parameters are those which have been assigned some particular function by the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) and the Japan MIDI Standards Committee (JMSC). For example, there are Registered Parameter numbers assigned to control pitch bend sensitivity and master tuning for a synthesizer. Non-Registered parameters have not been assigned specific functions, and may be used for different functions by different manufacturers. Here again, Roland and Yamaha, among others, have adopted their own practices to assure some standardization. "

Not important for your use right now, maybe I should have left it out. VCV CV-MIDI CC doesn’t support them. Other modules do - various Stoermelder modules, ModScript etc. So you can do most MIDI 1.0 stuff in rack now - for 14 bit controllers for example. Many controllers have increment/decrement style rotary controllers - or 14 bit controllers that work with classic CC’s or NRPN.

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That’s way too advanced for me right now… Thank you anyway :raised_hands: