VCV Artists In Gemini Space

Hiya, I’m wondering if any of you have built Gemini capsules for your music projects or VCV plugins? It might be fun to start a little VCV-community network going (sharing links to eachothers sites on link-rolls?).
Gemini is a little minimalist text-based alternative to the world-wide-web that you can access through your terminal - it is generally a lot more personal-feeling and comfy than the web and is sometimes described as being like the web of the 1990s (more info here). You will need a special Gemini browser (not a web-browser) to use any of the capsules shared here - I use Amfora Browser.
Anyway - if you do have a musical Gemini capsule please share it here - I’d love to explore some! :grin:

Above is my capsule as an example: gemini://


I might be up for this. Give me a couple of days to get some free time. I think it’s a cool idea. I want to see Gemini succeed, but it will be a tough sell for most people to participate. But we should try

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