VCV and DAW connectivity

Hi all.

I’m brand spanking new to this awesome kit VCV Rack. I’ve only been looking at it for the past couple of days, and nights in my dreams. As a user of Cakewalk, I wonder if there’s any way of hooking them up together. I can seem to be able to do so through an internal midi loop. (I’ve tried LoopB and LoopMIDI) To be able to do so would put the icing on the cake. (no pun) But in the meantime, I’m having so much fun learning this cracking piece of kit.

Thanks to all involved, stunning.


you might not believe this, but this is a common question. It has many answers. First I would suggest searching the forum for previous answers. There are about as many answers as there are people providing answers, so there are many options.

see Cakewalk integration - #2 by scook