VCV ambient demo

hello VCVpals!

i made a ambient demo in VCV…is this too generic…or is it worth listening to?


Very nice! There’s some lovely pieces in that playlist.

Entirely up to personal taste. I quite like a lot of them. Don’t bother with what other people might think. Share something when you like it, and I guarantee then there’ll be some other people who will like it as well.

Me: Certainly! Again, personal taste…

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Thanks for listening and nice feedback Lars :+1:

I enjoyed listening to these. I’m a fan of ambient relaxation and meditation music. Good job.

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Thanks k! Love your plugin :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am on the 6th piece, and am thoroughly enjoying them so far. You have tapped into my understanding of good ambient music - enough subtle variation to add interest and worthy of listening intently, yet able to fade very pleasantly into the background, whatever fits my mood at the moment.


Thank you Dave! i watched your youtube channel…now i want to buy a flute for my next recordings :nerd_face:

Oh, a little pro-tip for next time (or now, if you edit it) - when you share a link to soundcloud, youtube, etc… make sure there’s an empty line before and after the link. Then the player will appear right in the content instead of just being a link.