VCV 2 Pro is an absolute game changer

I’ve been messing around for about an hour integrating Ableton and VCV as VST and the possibilities are endless. I don’t think I’m gonna sleep for the next few days.


Sleep deprivation can be a serious problem. Just dream about modular instead.

I’ll endure and hopefully withstand sleep deprivation over VCV deprivation.



I think you meant to say “Sleep deprivation can be a serious inspiration” :grin:


I know what you mean but I tend to have more (negative) paranoid thoughts when I go without sleep over a long period of time. Short periods of sleep deprivation are okay but doing it systematicly is unwise in the long term.

edit: sorry if I come across a bit po faced in this post, I realise you were joking.

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My favorite sleep deprivation story is from my uncle. He worked a day job and a 11pm-7am job. During the night he was a security guard at the Santa Clara Contadina tomato processing plant. One night where he’d not slept in 2 night that he was watching the gate. There was a fire hydrant next to the road.

And the fire hydrant turned into a little man and walked away.

Always take care of your mental health, though.