VCV 2 CE: Win10, peculiar crash when logged in.

VCV 2 Community Edition on Windows 10. Crash can be reproduced on my System. After Install of Rack 2 CE, login, update of library… Software will work for at least one Session. Next Session will work for a while and if session too long, crash. If Session is short, will crash on next open. Window will either show white/blank or will suggest “new patch after crash” but crash immediately. Reboot, turning AntiVirus off, opening as Administrator etc. will yield no results. Log shows no error.

Bug can be “fixed” by deleting settings.json in Rack2 folder. Rack2 will continue working (so far) while logged out from the library. Will reproduce crash behaviour as soon as logged in to the library.

Logs show, that when logged in, Rack attempts various downloads before crashing. Ofc. when not logged in, these attempts don’t occur. That might be the problem. I set VCV2 CE as trustworthy in my Antivirus Software (Kaspersky) - but there might still be interference? Task Manager shows Rack.exe as “stopped” when it crashes.

Anyone knows what the problem might be?

There is only VCV Rack Free and VCV Rack Pro. Community Edition is a name that was proposed but not used in the release.

Are you using VCV Rack Free 2.01, which is the latest version? Or Pro?

Were you running any of the beta versions? If so, you need to have removed all old files from the Rack system and user folders.

What is logged in log.txt? Can you post it?

Try using Rack before downloading/updating any plugins other than VCV. Does the problem still occur?

Does the problem occur when Rack tries to get a licence key?

I use Free 2.01. Did use a Beta, but deinstalled it and deleted user folder prior to installing Free.

  • No the problem doesn’t occur unless I update the plugins from the library.
  • Last line in the log before software crashes states:

[1.502 info src/network.cpp:147 requestJson] Requesting JSON GET

At least its looking for user verification.

Whole log file here:

Sorry, I don’t have any other suggestions. You can get in contact with VCV support here:

Really weird you have a truncated log on Rack 2.0.1 as that was fixed in that release. Are you sure it’s 2.0.1 and not 2.0 updated to 2.0.1 or some such or still 2.0? I haven’t seen a truncated one since that fix (I am on win 10). And yes, by default it will check for updates all the time. Just set auto-update to false in the settings.json, then it will only check if you click the library menu