VCV 2.0 approximate release date

The community will be pleased to hear that I am now ready for VCV Rack Studio Edition to be released. So there is no need for any further delay. Thank you and you’re welcome.


Hm. Still nothing? Must be some legal wrangling.

I don’t think so

Maybe it’s just not finished?

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or maybe not ready for a release

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Andrew is doing me a solid and waiting until next year so I can collect my $10 bet from Squinky :wink:


in 3 weeks’ time


My patience is wearing so thin it was recently mistaken for graphene.


I am a time traveler, version 2 never happened, our civilization was destroyed before by the global warming, stop worrying about version 2 and worry about global warming


I’ve actually moved away from VCV working in my DAW’s, and if it takes much longer for Version 2… I will just forget about it I have found that I can get the sounds I want with other apps…

This has actually made me move away from VCV altogether…

I can’t wait for my musical creation on vailed promises of an app that will be compatible with my DAW’s…


Yikes there seems to be a lot of entitlement here. I don’t understand how Rack 2 not being released yet makes the current version any less usable. Angry posts about WHY ISN’T IT HERE YET are not, in fact, going to make it magically appear.


big time. everyone should be happy with what we get with VCV for free. if you need something that works in your DAW then go find it and stop trying to eat cereal with a fork until 2.0 is released. im surprised Andrew hasnt put a stop to all this whining. this community is supposed to be different but idk lately.


I quit music altogether because of the delay.


And your neighbours love you for it.


Thank you for being the arbiter on how folks should feel about software that was announced nearly two years ago (with several subsequent announcements that said software was “essentially done”) not being available.

It’s ok for folks to vent their frustration.


arent you supposed to be playing your guitar in the corner of your studio because you feel unwelcome?

if you have a problem with me because i disagreed with you once then figure out a way to make it right or dont respond to me and dont send me asinine private messages like you have done. grow up.


I live on a farm.


Don’t be a jerk.

Why add that to the conversation? I think most people here see music as a pretty vital part of their lives, someone quitting it for a while is a sign to me they’re not doing well. Is kicking people when they’re down fun for you?

Some people have invested in the platform (paid plugins, MIDI controllers that play well with VCV, etc) instead of other tools under the assumption of 2.0’s release. 1.0 is no less usable, but for those that have made an investment based on future return it’s definitely a bummer.

If you guys really want an answer:

I talked to him, on a voice call, back when Aria made her big post. The answer I got was something alone the lines of “I can’t know for sure, but probably late August-ish” but he also made very clear the development timeline was super fluctuating and a big part of why things have been delyed is the community treating him like, well, this mess. We’re all being rude to each other and him. Frankly, I don’t even really like the guy- I’m friends with Aria and in multiple group chats even- still I think this pile on is nuts. My personal guess with all my information: probably right around the new year.

Am I anxious about 2.0? Yes. Do I find the lack of updates about a platform I’ve put real money and time into annoying? Yes. But I will not stoop to the level of outright attacking others in the community, of putting Andrew down, or of petty banter.

In the meantime, you can still interface with your daw it’s just awkward.

Honestly, threads like this make me ashamed to be a modular user and a member of this community. I’m hiding behind the anonymity of being a furry on the internet and I’m still being more respectful than half of you that are using seemingly real names.


I will close this thread as it doesn’t lead anywhere good