VCV 2.0 approximate release date

i keep wanting to use vcv rack with fl studio effects in patcher, with fl studio sequencing. i’ve tried other options and so far i haven’t found any good way to synchronize timing and midi that didn’t have drift. so i’m looking forward to 2024 when vcv rack for daws comes out! …i know the timeline is supposed to be shorter than that but as a software engineer myself i want to set my own expectations realistically here :slight_smile:

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I’m supripsed - I find it pretty stable, and the performance on a desktop computer is just fine. Do you really find otherwise?

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I think he is not referring to stability , people like use with with externals sequencers and effects which currently using in them performances (some works better than the rack sequencers and some effects are not available in the rack, or simply you know other software workflow better than the rack ), I do too, since I m on Linux I can do it, but is not the same for windows and mac users.

well, that’s not what @gioGramegna said. “Mostly performance/stability improvement” .

As to what you say, ok, that’s fine, I understand that.

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ahh I see, I had not read his post

based in the experience with other software, I can bet the firsts release It will not be characterized by stability.

and I agree , the current version is pretty stable (or perhaps he mean in the “bridge” context?)

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Has there been any talk of pricing for Rack for DAWs. Has there been anything said if it will follow a similar price $30-$50 to other things or if it will be higher? I was going to pick up the “Host” plugin for VCV rack but thinking I’d be better of just waiting for Rack for DAWs as I still think I’ll be using Ableton for some stuff!

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From the FAQ:


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I think there is a case for both. If you wish to control parameters on a VST from a Rack modulator or sequencer then you are going to add and have to compensate for even more latency by roundtripping via the DAW. That is better done (in some instances) with a Host(ed) VST.

Id literally pay anything.


maybe this should be moved into a new thread, since the current conversation seems to have very little to do with “VCV 2.0 approximate release date” and I’m tired of getting my hopes up when I see this thread updated.

And @Squinky - sorry to see that the dude that only likes white modules doesn’t like your awesome white modules. :frowning:


It has been split into ‘Instability in Rack’.

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Everyday I check for a V2 announcement.

Feel my pain.

Send help… and presets.



There are still, as of this moment, 291 open issues in the Rack project. I don’t know how many of those Andrew and crew feel they need to address before the 2.0 release. Plus, who knows if all his intended functionality is even there, yet.

All in all, seems like it might not quite yet be “around the corner.”

Until then, get your mind off it by fixating on the absurd implosion of the US of A.

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Based on past experience, and possibly direct statements (?) I think that no bugs are being/will be fixed in 1.0. The vast majority of the fixes will go into 2.0. fwiw - that makes sense to me.


I assume a lot of people want to distract themselves from bad things with nice software not the other way around.


Yeah I am definitely absolutely ignoring the news by turning knobs and making beeps


Well, starting today I’m slowly opening one eye shortly to check if it’s over yet. Is is over yet?

Anyway, I you feel like an upgrade or something, pre-order some of those delicious Plinky’s, as a second batch seems to be on it’s way through Thonk.

Headless operation. That means I can toss any number of computers at the job, and I don’t need to worry about X Window support or its overhead.

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do you think you’d be able to chain together a bunch of rasp pis to make a portable “vcv synth” this way?

How will you patch cables?