=== vcp challenge #64: 4/20 ===

I’m using formula as a sort of “case statement” to output a value that controls the two 8 channel switches. It’s probably a waste of time to have done it but it gave me more control over the output of pdarray.

Thanks it must have something to do with PD array but not used Formula-I’m scared of the word formula-is it code based? Even more scaring for me!

you can use it for a huge number of things. Lets say that you have something plugged into input w. You can say:


This is essentially an if statement that will output 4.3 if your input at w is over 5.

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i would say audacity is the wrong tool for the job. use a proper daw such as reaper instead.

as for plugins, i love using the free quadracom. alternatively, airwindows buttercomp2 is more set and forget.

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I actually thought it turned out okay. A daw might be unneseccary complication. I’d try Ardour if I didn’t have to compile it myself on windows.

The Trip

A Cartoonish Trip SFX. Each time you hit the button you get a new one.


Wish I had your creativity! Love this patch, another great simple compact patch. Not feeling over confident in my use of VCV Rack at present!

Thank you! I’m so glad you like it :slight_smile: Really it was just a happy accident I came across while experimenting with “bouncing balls” in Rampage. Sometimes watching other vids I feel similarly… just keep at it and if you really love it I’m sure you’ll get where you want to be!

Here’s my submission for “4/20”. I thought about rhythm. You can divide 20 beats into 5 bars of 4 beats or into 4 bars of 5 beats. I decided to do both. You hear a melody in 4/8 and another in 5/8, playing together. Furthermore there are two drumkits, one playing in 4/8 and the other (you guessed it) in 5/8 and they are crossfading. I am very happy with the idea to use a sequential switch to switch in double tempo between the two main melodies. That turned out really nice. This already may be a bit disorienting, but there’s more. I mistakenly concluded that the assignment had something to do with cannabis, so I added some Gong-like effects. There’s the clocked delay, the filter sweep on the third melody and some sort of accelarating siren. The locomotive sound was more or less inspired by Patrick Moraz.

Patch: VCP-64: 4/20 | Patchstorage

Video: vcp-64 4/20 - YouTube


In Audacity: Did you use the “Z” key after selecting regions to cut or paste? That adjusts the selection’s beginning and end to the nearest “zero crossing” point. Otherwise, the instantaneous transition from zero to some non-zero sample level will make a click.

In Rack: some clicks that are a result of using a square/pulse wave or gate o/p for a volume CV can be fixed by a bit of slew limiting on the CV with, say, Bogaudio’s SLEW module.

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I’d never used Audacity before this time and I didn’t read the manual at all so no I didn’t. To be fair there were already a lot of clicks in that track. I was modulating the number of tracks with Computerscare Toly Pools and every time the number of tracks decreased there was a click. So it was all a bit “clicky”. Thanks for the tip.


While putting together a version of Hendrix’s Purple Haze I screwed up the MIDI input settings on my KB and dropped every other note (more or less). So, I just slowed it down, used only the verse (including the Hendrix chord) and here you go. At least I won’t get a copyright strike for this…


*** VCP-64 C64 420 *** I find it appropriate to have my first vcp challenge be #64. Gave me the kick I needed to finish something with that marvel of a module, Sidofon. This patch is made with 4 Sidofon modules & 20 Janneker/4Hands scenes. And 1 Meander to rule them all. It was so tempting to add other effects and processing. But I decided this needed to echo the pure, raw Commodore 64 sound. This patch was inspired by @Pineapple_Dave 's album on Bandcamp, “Pockets of Starlight” made with Teenage Engineering’s PO 20. I gotta get one of those. But first I had to take a crack at it in VCV for this challenge. Enjoy!


Thanks for the shoutout @cosmoproductions! I’m glad to hear my music inspired you. :grin: You did an awesome job on your track. :+1:

Dear Rackie - Watching these videos of Rack patches is nice and all, but how to I get myself to stop trying to scroll up/down and left/right to see a different part of the patch?


This is why I put my whole patch in the video (mostly).

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Hey Folks, is there a VCP - 65 on the go? Cant seem to find anything. Loved all the entries in 64!

not yet, but there will be in a few minutes