VCP-23 Huston we have problem

Hey Rackerz.

As I mentioned yesterday in my previous film. Today he is presenting you my composition and a full patch on VCP-23. Finally, I found an application for the fourth Scorovnik D-section, so I thought it would be the leading melody with the triple VCO module from Squinky Labs (EV3). The signal from the mixer was filtered in the Freak module (paid module from Vult from the Compacts package) using the dual low gate gate / filter (Nurage). Why? Because. :slight_smile: As I mentioned earlier, I used a publicly available sample of the Apollo 13. flight. The playback speed of this recording is controlled by the Skorovnik C-section. The Knock module (also a paid module from Vulta Compacts) is responsible for the rhythm. And here’s new, I added a new module EH_modules FV-1.emu. This is the emulation of the FV-1 DSP processor. In this case, I used the startup settings from Demo. More details can be found here That’s it. It must be enough for some time. For health reasons, I will be in a hospital for a while, where I am taking my old laptop on which I will not run the VCV Rack unfortunately. I will take a little rest from creating music. But I hope that soon I will come back with new ideas. I greet you all.

Patchstorage files here:

File from NASA archives: (2.7 MB)


Wishing you good luck and a speedy recovery @jedrzejewskimk!


Thank you Lars :slight_smile:

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Sorry to read that you are ill… glad to see that you are getting some help.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful glimpse into NASA history; it was such a memorable event.

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