VCP 22 One Step from Mother Earth

Happy New Year for all of you Rackerz. This is my contribution in last in this year Very Cool Patch Contest. In this patch in the Quadsimpler from NYSTHI module, I used sounds from the free Ghosthack Advent Calendar 2018 Day 1-Vocals and Day 14-Drones from this site In the first two rows of this patch, the source of sounds is my own production base of sounds extracted from the original NASA recordings from the Apollo 11 mission. Original recordings from MOCR are available at this address: . At the moment Iā€™m still working on these files for use in the Radio Music module from modular80. So at the end of 2018 I wish you a lot of new interesting ideas to be realized, peace and time to implement them. Thank you all for the inspiration I hope that my production in this past year was also inspiring for some of you. See you in a year) :wink: