VCO waveform via Scope

Hi guys,

I’m a fully beginner in VCV rack and there is something I didn’t understand. I’ve watched a video where someone use the scope to show a saw waveform, and the wave is very “clean”

I’ve tried to do the same thing, and my waveform appears “dirty” with upsets… Why ? There is an issue with my CPU power ?

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These spikes are part of the anti-aliasing that the VCO does to improve sound quality. They’re supposed to be there, and it doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with your CPU power :slight_smile:

Since anti-aliasing depends a lot on exact phase and frequency,sometimes they’re visible in the scope and sometimes they aren’t. As long as it still sounds good, this isn’t a problem.

Good luck on your VCV journey! Excited to see what you make!


yes, exactly. If you want to look for “gunk” use a spectrum analyzer. I wrote a lot about this. The whole series might be interesting, but there a middle section about spectrum analyzers:

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Maybe the scope should antialias the antialiasing… x)