VCO sounds false (out of tune)


I use in a patch the sequencers from Entrian. I’ve been using them for a couple of years. For the first time, 2 of the output tracks give me a note which is out of tune. I check the output voltage, and they seam to be correct. I double check with a display note, and correct too.

It’s the first time I have that! Any idea?

Alain, fr

Since you didn’t mention which VCO you’re talking about or what the frequency is, or share the patch, so there’s not a lot anyone can say. You’ve already validated the sequencer is emitting the right value, so it probably means the VCO or something else happening downstream in the audio path.


I was having out of tuneness unexpectedly yesterday, I think there is some intermittent bug in 2.4.1 concerning tuning, because today same patches are perfectly in tune.

I was shopping for a new midi controller because midi pitch was swerving all over the place. I thought my 8-9 yr old controller was going crazy, but it works exactly as it ever did today.

Pitch wheel info was even being combined with note output from the single v/oct output on the midi >cv module, very odd. Not a single glitch today.

Not exactly help, but commiseration.

Are you using a sample player that doesn’t adjust for the sample rate, and you’ve changed the sample rate of your patch (in the Audio module, or in your DAW if you’re using Rack there)?