VCO and Synths Reviews

(David Rodriguez) #1

I had been reading this post about MSM Treasure and I realize is many VCO’s and Oscillators out there that I never test and many of them are certainly awesome.

I want start this thread to invite you to make I review of your favorite VCO especially of that hidden Jewell’s, sharing tips and tricks about them.

negative and duplicated reviews is allowed too


(David Rodriguez) #2

bleak is a prodigy

beside Vessek, bleak is one of my favorites oscillator, it is not just a simple square, triangle and saw waves, all them are have a unique wave form , I love mix two (or more) Bleak oscillators and play with the pw and the detuning, I cant believe that Leonardo give it to us for free.

long live to the Vult god

(Skrylar) #3

The Mutable Instruments Resonator is kind of neat. It works “kind of” like a VCO if you just put in octaves and a strum trigger, although it seems difficult to get sounds aren’t muddied out of it:

(Artem Leonov) #4

yes, Bleak is a magical one! tomorrow I will upload some video where Bleak show its power)

(Artem Leonov) #5

yes, it’s neat.
Not quite difficult to get bright sound but it’s needed to be tweaked well

Skrylar's box of patches
(Norbert Denninger) #6

Episode 1-10 from “What does this knob do?” are about oscillators. The oscillators which where not available at the time I made the videos will come in updates.
If you want to know which oscillator is in which episode, I recommend the pdf book about all currently published episodes