Valley Dexter: How to dial in specific chord and key changes to get a progression / chord sequence?

Is there any way to dial in specific chord and key changes into Dexter to get a progression/chord sequence? Just 4 chords, and alternating major to minor, nothing too technical?

i guess you could use a sequencer to control the interval between the 2 notes output by channel a. I don’t know that you can set the interval between channel a and channel b that way though.

I think I’ve had to do something like this before where I figured out the voltage range of the knob which is 10 volts and divide that by how many chords are available past the initial knob setting(there’s 38) and that equals roughly 0.26 volts per chord. Then figure out what chords you want and what number chord it is out of 38 and multiply by the 0.26 volts, then use a sequencer with a volt meter and dial in whatever sequence of chords you want.

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Thanks - worked a treat! 4-step sequence used, top row changing volts between 4.16 and 4.42 corresponds to min triad -> maj triad, while 2nd seq row controls v/oct on tone to give B, A, E, G root note. Now to work it into a patch :wink:

Dexter Chord Voicings.pdf (23.8 KB)

Here’s a PDF I made of the voltages for the different chords, in case that would be of use to anyone.


Thanks! I realised I made a mistake in mine 30 secs after posting, and deleted it :slight_smile:

wow! beautiful