Valley Audio Plateau: mod depth cv modulation not working?

can anyone check if the cv modulation / atenuator for the mod depth parameter works? i guess i should do a bug report if not but maybe I’m just doing something wrong?

I don’t think it does.


Thanks! Loving plateau. If there was a hardware version I would buy it in a heartbeat.

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“Appears the mod depth and shape attenuator pots are mixed up. Fixing.” -

I’m glad someone spotted that. I’m quite embarrassed I didn’t pick that up sooner. Ah well, I’m glad we have a great community who can help each other out :grin:


absolutely! and while I filed the bug (i have github on speed dial), all the kudos to @DaveB !

Yeah thanks @DaveB!

Thanks to you! like i said really love Plateau. and dexter looks incredible too, plan to learn how to use that soon.

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