v2 help - plugins dont show up

just now decided to try V2 with my plugins. ran into the mm2px problem, then the zstd (sp)? problem. solved them. now I get clean compiles but none of my modules show up in the browser. just core and fundamental. I have done make install and make dist. and I did change the version to 2.0.0

Which plugin?

my own plugins, ones that I wrote in v1.6 and an converting to v2

Check the Rack v2 log. It should tell you why the plugin didn’t load.

…bill/.Rack2/plugins/aa/plugin.so: undefined symbol: _ZN4rack6widget6Widget9drawLayerERKNS1_8DrawArgsEi

Are you compiling against the SDK or against a Rack source tree?

against the latest sdk

Are you running against the same version? It looks like an ABI mismatch.

If you send us a link I can try. Or I might even have it already if it’s on Github

I downloaded the latest rack and sdk today so I assume they are the same version.

try “make clean” - old v1 files could be the issue

I did do the make clean first

Have you got them on Github?

Or want to send me the source. I have built most of the open source plugins and know what to look out for

turns out I had an older copy of rack 2. thanks everyone

No worries. Let us know if you need a tester or anything else.

Never build against an SDK. Always build against rack itself. ESP while things are changing.

Never had an issue with it here.

Sure, if you are super careful mits all the same. No problem.

I don’t know a lot but I’ve had much more luck with the SDK than with Rack builds but I’m more than willing to defer to your wisdom on any dev matter. Thanks for the advice though Bruce, appreciate it.

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