v2 and Palette by Cable retains cables color

HI is it intentional that a new session of VCV rack v2 saves the cable colors from a previous load of the Palette module? I noticed when reloading vcv rack it saved the new cable colors even though the palettes module is no longer loaded up. Thats cool just want to make sure its by design.

You don’t need Palette to retain cable colors, those are stored in the vcv file.

I have a different problem with Palette in 2.0 however. Except for the current selected color, the color boxes are all black with only an outline of color around them! Not good, and made worse if one is colorblind!

If you change the colours of the cables using that module they are saved in the VCV rack settings. This was the same in V1.

The button redesign was necessary as I wanted the buttons to glow in the dark and the older LED style indicators looked terrible with that. I will see what I can do to improve visibility on the unselected colour buttons when I have time.

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Hi Adam (I presume) - did you see my comment about the color boxes on Palette? Here’s how it looks for me, with only the currently selected color shown as solid.


It helps somewhat if I change light bloom, but still less than ideal.


Edit: haha, you beat me to it with that reply! Thanks for looking into it when you have time…

I’m struggling to come up with a decent mechnism that allows the unselected colour buttons to be visible when the lights are out and still have differentiation on the one for the selected colour but what I can do is highlight the buttons on mouseover to make it easier for those finding it hard to see the coloured outline on the unselected colour buttons.