V1: Inverted defaults for PARAM not working

with version 0.6.x I can have a knob going from 1. to 0.

in v1 I can assign values using the right click and the editing
but the knob is undraggable (mac osx 10.13 xcode 9.2 v1 tag 82f32038ac52523edc30e1d43186cc57506fd0fe )

example, if I have this param:
params[PARAM_SMOOTHNESS].config(1.0, 0.0, 1.0, "Smoothness 1.0..0.0");

the knob is unusable

Noticed this myself with toggles/buttons. The tooltip value shows as inverted also, position 0.0 is 1, 1.0 is 0 on the tooltip.

@Vortico calling you ! :slight_smile:

Is there a need for this besides backward compatibility?

Would be helpful to have both options imo

it was so linear and powerful the use of it: Id’ like to have it back again :wink:

What does “linear and powerful” mean in this context?

You can make a parameter appear to be reversed by setting its displayMultiplier to -1.

params[...].config(-3.0, 0.0, 0.0, "Time", "ms", 0.0, -1.0);

will appear as 3 at hard left and 0 at hard right.

powerful because everything was in createParam
linear in the sense to maintain coherence with past

what’s the correct way to communicate V1 problems or requests (explanations)?

do we need to use “issue” in github using a particular key ?
(I have a question about “randomizable” (or the lack of) )

I don’t like the workaround to have param inverted
is very confusing

it’s so plain and readable to write
params[INVERTEPARAM].config(1., 0., 0.5);

params[INVERTEPARAM].config(-1., 0., -0.5, "", "", 0., -1.f);

anyway, I’m doing the port supporting always positive direction paramWidgets

I’ve added support for inverted Param limits, so you can use params[...].config(1, 0, 0.5) now. Note that this feature is not recommended for new modules but is included for backward compatibility.


thank you for the support. Currently I’m porting all the param in a “positive” direction mode!

That’s fine, but remember that it’s not backward compatible with users’ old patches.

ouch, you are right !
ok users gonna suffer a little bit, like I’m suffering with the port… :smiley:

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