V/OCT info grabbing

hi everyone

I need help in this (picture):

??? How I get V/OCT level info from one of short sequences for one other long gate?

rules: … of course, if that long tone sounds, then that short similar tone should be muted, but the other short sequences still continue to overlap.

… so it should have the effect of getting one tone stuck … :upside_down_face:


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use a sample and hold with your long gate


… ahaaaaa, the S&H will hold the V/OCT level … … sorry, I’m a beginner, I don’t think so well yet :slight_smile: … thanx! I going to try it …

working very nice! Thank U

… than U again for the answers to my questions … for other beginners like me I add also a screenshot … cheers

Randomly long stuck tones of random 8bit tones (Harm min scale) …